Charter School Performance Framework

The Charter School Performance Framework (CSPF) is intended to provide parents, the public, charter operators, as well as the charter authorizer with a snapshot of each charter’s academic, financial, and operational performance.

Charter schools are encouraged to refer to the performance framework on a continuing basis in order to self-assess overall health and viability of their school throughout the charter term. The performance framework will be used to inform decisions that will help to identify schools that are candidates for replication, expansion, intervention, renewal, nonrenewal, or closure.

CSPF Correspondence

2018 Charter School Performance Framework (PDF, 397 KB)

CSPF Manual

The manual is a resource that describes the Charter School Performance Framework including indicators, ratings, targets/standards, data sources, and other helpful information.

2022 CSPF Manual (PDF, 364 KB)

2019 CSPF Manual (PDF, 463 KB)

2018 CSPF Manual (PDF, 497 KB)

2017 CSPF Manual (PDF, 725 KB)

2016 CSPF Manual (PDF, 681 KB)

CSPF Reports

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