Chapter Introduction

A student’s academic history is valuable to educators.  Basic academic history such as past courses and grades coupled with historical attendance and discipline data gives educators valuable insight into a student’s strengths and areas where they may have struggled in the past.  In forums with over 2,600 educators across Texas, the following items were identified as being most valuable in a historical academic profile:

  • Attendance
  • Course and credit performance
  • Discipline
  • Interventions received and outcomes
  • Mobility
  • Performance on state and local assessments
  • Program participation

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Student Dashboard Metrics

The need for a complete academic history of a students was called out by educators as the most valuable piece of the dashboards.  The academic history including previous courses, grades, attendance, assessments, etc. enable educators to start where the students left off the rather than at the beginning. 

A student's transcript includes current courses, course history, and current and historical assessment scores.

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